Gideon Sexton

Charismatic Wizard


Full Name: Gideon Lugh Sexton
Age: 28
Date of Birth: May 1, 1988
Race/Nationality: Tiefling/American
Occupation: Independent Financal Consultant
Education: MBA – University of Notre Dame – Mendoza (2005-2011)
Wizard Training – Circle of Merlin (2011-2016)

Human Appearance: Gideon’s human appearance is that of a 5’11" Caucasian male with long dark brown hair, undercut and parted to one side. He keeps his appearance clean shaven and well groomed, usually wearing fitted suits for work purposes, and keeping a highly maintained and moderately expensive casual wardrobe.

Tiefling Appearance: Gideon’s “true” tiefling appearance shares many similarities with his human appearance, but the major noticeable differences being his two pronounced horns that emerge from his hairline and curve backwards along his skull before turning up to a point, pointed ears, and his eyes which are a solid grey iris and pupil against white sclera. A less noticeable, but just a prominent difference are his teeth, which are more like those of a shark or wolf, each coming to a sharp point.


Much of Gideon’s life was uneventful. Originally raised in a small suburb outside of Seattle, Washington, Gideon’s family was never at want for much. His father was a middle management office worker, and his mother, a housekeeper. He was an average student throughout much of his childhood and didn’t stand out much among his peers. It wasn’t until high school that he started coming into his own, able to easily make friends and being infamous as a sweet talker. He gained an interest in business and had aspirations of success during his studies, going so far as to start taking PSEO classes with the local community college while he finished his senior year, getting a head start on his degree.

Upon graduation, he was accepted to the University of Notre Dame for a business degree and moved to Indiana to attend.

His awakening came during his grad school years. During one of the many parties that he attended, he ended up taking one of his classmates home with him. The next morning when he awoke and slogged his way to the bathroom to clean up, the reflection that appeared in the mirror looked like a bad caricature. At first he thought he was still drunk, but the visage did not clear up and when he returned to his room, the girl from the night before lay in his bed covered in bright green scales with a tail.

He started seeing things in a very different light, including some of his friends. No-one seemed to believe him when he tried to point it out.

Gideon Sexton

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