Emilio Del Olmo

Runaway Druid


Early Life

His father, Ignacio, and mother, Alma, were already full fledged members of the Santa Muerte cult when he was born. He grew up in a strict, restrictive household where his every move was scrutinized and his whole life seemed planned out. Knowing nothing else this seemed normal until the day he started growing up.

A naturally inquisitive child, Emilio often asked a lot of hard questions to his mentors. Often he was reprimanded, made to starve for weeks on end or forced to recite prayers for hours on end. While his parents tried their best to help him grow they could only do so much when under the restrictive society of Santa Muerte.


Not long after his 12th birthday Emilio started feeling sick. At first his family thought them to be puberty pains, and wrote them off as natural urges to be quelled by faith.

Slowly he began to see things that made less and less sense. His friends faces would sometimes look different, or the priest elders would give off a tangible aura. It all came to a head when he passed out after somehow starting a fire.

The head priest claimed he was possessed and needed to be cleansed. He was kept in solitude for a few days without food or water with only the village head as company. With each day’s his fits and fugues grew worse and worse. One night his fugue grew so bad that he started another fire.

During the fire he was freed from his bonds. In his stupor he saw the head of the church as he truly was: a mind flayer. Having caught the man in the middle of devouring one of the cult’s followers Emilio fled. He ran away and never looked back.


Emilio was homeless for a while. He fled Southern California and hopped on any train he could find. He managed to survive thanks to his newfound powers.

Eventually he was found by the Children of Levan. He eventually fled his tutelage.

For the next few years he hopped from city to city. Eventually wound up in Minneapolis thanks to the programs for homeless people. Things went well, relatively speaking, in his new life in Minneapolis. He never saw any reason to go back home.

Emilio Del Olmo

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