The Veil

“What’s the veil? Well shit that’s simple.. erm.. ya ever wondered where the fuck those people in the middle ages were yammering on and on about unicorns, dragons and all that stupid shit? Yeah, well so it happens they may have seen through the veil and lost their goddamn minds” 

The veil is a catch all convenient term for the cause of the phenomena that have plagued our reality from time to time throughout history. What it lacks in scientific progress it more than makes up for through what can only be called magic.  Some of this arcane potential has even found its way into our reality, spilled over from centuries ago along with the creatures and monsters.   

“Hell nobody knows why it keeps rising and falling, it’s utterly a fucking mess, so far? No intelligence force has been perceived to be guiding it, so as far as I know? It’s a natural occurrence between our realities, again who cares”

The only recorded phenomena in our world have been one way intrusions, with the contents of the other spilling into ours usually.  However, it is the idea of some that the exchange works both ways, and inhabitants of our own world have been displaced into the Veil in the past. Naturally discovering the feasibility of this theory ranks high for the Others who are bent on returning home. However no Otherkind displaced to our world has ever successfully returned past the Veil, or, if they have done it in secret.

Terms of importance:

Others/ Ethertouched – Any creature who crosses over from the veil unto our world.

Otherkind – Any intelligent creature found living in our society, usually a nickname given to the more humanoid semblance races.

Mundane/Mundanes – Norman Humans who can’t see through the veil, to them everybody else is just as mundane believeing monsters to be fictional, therefore see the others as mundane.

Gift of Lethe- Much like the myth from Greek times, it's a term given to the condition that affects almost all Others. When they cross over they have no memory of the world they originate.

"Lethe was one of the rivers of the underworld along with Styx (across which the dead were ferried by Charon), Acheron, Cocytus and Phlegethon, the river of fire. The waters of Lethe gave their drinker the gift of forgetfulness and apart from those tormented for their crimes, all the dead drank Lethe."

Bereg - A catch all term for any creature who is found in the world without intelligence or refuse to belong, akin to monster or feral.

The Veil

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