Ravenwatch Overseer


Name: Skye
Age: 32
Date of Birth: ?
Race/Nationality: Human (awakened) Caucasian/American
Status: Alive
Current: Overseer- Ravenwatch Operations in Minneapolis 2014- Now
Chicago, IL – Ravenwatch Field Agent 2007- 2013
Columbus OH, Cyber crimes Division- 2004 – 2007

Biological Information:
Height: 5’4
Eyes: Blue – Ether touched Blue
Hair: Black with blue and purple under layer


Originally hailing from Columbus Ohio, Skye is in charge of the Ravenwatch division set up in Minneapolis. As acting head, she’s tasked with making sure everything runs smoothly for her field agents by establishing a safe base of operations and networks among the city.

Known as a consummate workaholic, Skye spends most of her time working long hours into the night and tending to keep to her own. Whenever she has free time, she is seldom seen without her computer.


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