Hank McTaggart

Head of Ravenwatch Operations


Name: Hank “Bull” McTaggart
Age: 46
Date of Birth: February 09 1971
Race/Nationality: Bugbear (Goblinoid Other) / Human Form: Caucasian American
Status: Alive
Head of FIeld Operations for Ravenwatch (2005-Current)
Minneapolis PD Detective (2013-2017)
Ravenwatch Field Agent (2002-2005)
Chicago PD Detective – Chicago, IL (1993-2013)
Chicago PD Police Officer – Chicago, IL (1988-1993

Biological Information:
Human form:
Height: 6’4
Eyes: Brown
Fur: Dark Brown with gray hairs.

Human Form


A veteran homicide detective who’s been with the Ravenwatch since the early 2000s. Hank is imposing man, even in his human form, who stands at 6’7 and carries an intimidating glance. However, beyond the whiskey, constant smoking and general rough exterior, lies a thoughtful, caring man who is truly dedicated in trying to protect people.

Acting as the head of field operations, Hank runs a tight ship making sure to his agents are looked after and take advantage of his connections and help out in anyway they need.

Hank McTaggart

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