Amber Daniels

Mindful Millennial


Human Appearance: A young woman of Scandinavian descent. Her skin never tans, and her blue eyes have caused her sunlight sensitivity for her entire life. She is usually seen wearing sunglasses for this reason. Her straight brown hair is a bit on the thin side, usually curled with blonde highlights. Her face is generically pretty. It’s pretty obvious that if she didn’t put in effort to her appearance, no one would really notice her. She has a toned body and isn’t afraid to wear clothing that shows it, such as yoga pants or other athletic gear. No matter what she wears it is always easy to move around in.

Drow Appearance: The only things that really change for her appearance are her pointy ears, and her coloring. Normally pale skin is revealed as dark gray. Her blue eyes change to light lavender, and her hair changes to white with purple highlights. In the relatively short time that she has been awakened, she has mastered the art of doing her makeup to suit both of her appearances.


Awakening: During the time she attended college at the U of M, several strange things began to happen. She would see things that didn’t seem normal, and when she looked again everything was as it should be. She blamed this all on studying too hard and not sleeping enough. She could never seem to sleep very much. It seemed a bit strange to her, but she kept it to herself. She knew that people would just think she was crazy anyway. Who would believe her if she said that she saw a tentacle face monster wearing a cardigan in the hallway? The event that triggered her to finally break the veil was something that is unfortunately common on a college campus. She had only had one drink at a party and started to feel really funny. Looking back at it she could figure out that her drink had been spiked. She was loopy, and there was a bulky green man with tusks wearing a footbal jersey giving her the wrong kind of attention. She understandably freaked out a bit causing a scene, and locked herself in a bathroom. When she looked in the mirror she saw her true self and promptly passed out.

From what she understood the next morning, People at the party had to break into the bathroom to get her and one of her friends managed to get her back to her dorm safely. After that night her view of the world was changed forever.

Amber Daniels

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